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How to Get Rid of Rectal Itching

How to Get Rid of Rectal Itching

It's a pain that's embarrassing to discuss but even more uncomfortable (and horrible) to leave untreated. Even Googling the phrase “How to get rid of rectal itching” is just downright awkward and uncomfortable – and sure to prompt you to use privacy settings on your web browser!

While some medical conditions can cause anal itch, more often than not your rectal itching problems are directly related to either excessive dryness or moisture in the anal area. The good news is that the best home solutions for relieving and treating rectal itching don’t cost a fortune or require an embarrassing visit to drug store. Read on to learn how to relieve anal itching at home and prevent future problems.

Relieving anal itch at home: what to do now.

Head straight to the shower and be sure to wash the anal area thoroughly. While you might think a bit of fecal matter could be the culprit, it’s also possible that a small amount of soap residue, combined with your natural sweat over the course of the day, could be behind your itch. Clean, rinse and thoroughly dry the anal area. Avoid using any aggressive scrubbers and pat rather than rub. Scrubbing or rubbing the anal area can cause the skin to chafe and cause small tears, which can make the anal itching worse.

Apply a cool, soothing medicated cream like A+D Ointment or another zinc oxide ointment. Wear cotton under wear and loose clothing that promotes a cooling airflow. Another do-it-yourself trick? Try dampening your toilet paper with a small amount of witch hazel, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Still experiencing anal itch after 24 to 48 hours? It’s not a bad idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor to rule out a disease or infection as the primary trigger for your anal itch. While irritation from soap residue or fecal matter is typically the trigger for rectal itching, in some rare cases, the itching could be due to intestinal worms (like pin worms), anal fissures (small tears in the rectal opening), and hemorrhoids. However unlikely, it’s still a good idea to get that checked out. Additionally, eating certain foods, like spicy foods, citrus fruits and coffee, can trigger irritation around the rectal area.

Preventing anal itch in the first place: don’t skimp on your toilet paper.

One of the biggest culprits for anal itching: leaving a small amount of fecal matter around the anus. Yes, even if you are fastidious about wiping after using the toilet (and we know you are), the fact of the matter is that many of today’s cheaper toilet papers are thin, flimsy, and just don’t get the job done.

Anal itching relief starts by preventing the problem in the first place. That’s why we recommend adding a dollop of Soothe 'n Wipe, our hygienic cleansing lotion to your toilet paper or using prepackaged wipes or wet wipes. You’ll have a more hygienic and comfortable experience minus the chafing and inevitable rectal itching that comes with using toilet paper alone.


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