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How it Works

Soothe 'n Wipe is the perfect blend of soothing, refreshing ingredients to provide optimum anal cleanliness and leave your most sensitive skin feeling comfortably moisturized.  A small dab will turn even the harshest, roughest toilet paper into a soothing, comfortable wipe that is much more efficient in cleaning your bum than dry toilet paper alone. After all, you are not wiping a flat or hairless surface, so use our hygienic cleansing lotion to help clean all your cracks and crevices (pun intended). You deserve it!
Find out how Soothe n Wipe helps

Soothe n' Wipe is environmentally friendly

You can use less toilet paper, plus Soothe 'n Wipe won't sting like costly wet wipes can, or stop up your plumbing lines like wet wipes are prone to do!

Soothe 'n Wipe can be used as often as you like.  Been sitting all day or sweating down below? Take a soothing Soothe 'n Wipe break any time of day to get relief from rectal itching! Feel fresh, clean and enjoy its hygienic, anti-chafing, cooling benefits any time of day or night. Pharmacist approved.

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