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Top 8 Bathroom-Themed Holiday Gag Gifts

Top 8 Bathroom-Themed Holiday Gag Gifts

Searching for some last-minute gift inspiration for that special someone in your life? Skip the generic sweaters, holiday hand towels and chocolate box samplers and go all out. From whoopee cushions to porta potty survival kit, here are 8 of our favorite silly holiday gag gifts (and a few useful ones, too).

1. Poo-Pourri Bathroom Odor Spray. Feel like you need a gas mask to enter the bathroom after your roommate uses it? Upgrade from your generic bottle of air freshener to something a bit fancier: the aptly named “Poo Pourri” bathroom odor spray.

2. Emergency Toilet Seat Covers. When nature calls and the only toilet in sight is a porta-potty, make the best of a potentially unfortunate situation with an emergency toilet seat cover. This handy pocket-sized tin contains four disposable toilet seat covers and makes a genuinely useful stocking stuffer. Or upgrade your gift giving with the public toilet survival kit that also contains two antiseptic wipes for keeping things extra sanitary.

3. Adult-sized whoopee cushion. For the eight-year old prankster in all of us, you can’t go wrong with an adult-sized whoopee cushion. This extra large 17” whoopee cushion produces that hilarious sonic boom without the accompanying unpleasant stench. Just slip it underneath your unsuspecting victim and let the laughs roll.

4. Truthful coffee mug. Let’s be honest: when it’s first thing in the morning, most of us aren’t prepared to chat with co-workers until we’ve had at least half a cup of coffee. Have a full cup though and the conversation’s over– it’s time to hit the bathroom! This “truthful” coffee mug includes lines for “Shhhh”, “Almost”, “Now you may speak” and “Never mind, I have to go poop now.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Or, for the “poop expert”, we present the Bristol stool chart coffee mug.

5. Hygienic cleansing lotion. Have a friend who’s always complaining about spicy butt or fiery poops after a night out eating nachos and Buffalo wings? This year, help your friend out by sharing the magical gift of anal moisturize. A travel-sized bottle of Soothe ‘n Wipe will do wonders for chaffing, itching and fiery poops.

6. Farting slippers. These “Old Fart” slippers taking the whoopee cushion gag to a whole new level. With every step you take in the slippers, the heel of your foot presses down into the bottom of the slipper, activating the tiny whoopee cushion. The result: non-stop farting sounds for the “Old Fart” in your life.

7. Toilet seat screamer. The perfect prank for a party, the tiny toilet seat screamer sticks to the inside of your toilet seat with an easy-to-use suction cup. When your victim opens the lid, the seat lets out a loud scream. Talk about a traumatic bathroom experience!

8. Bag of poop. Take your bathroom humor gag gifts to a whole new level with this bag containing four fake pieces of poop. Leave a deposit for a germ-a-phobe co-worker or scare your roommates into thinking you’ve lost all control over your bowels. Thankfully, the realism doesn’t include a stinky odor.

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